Senator Calls Out Fauci — Says ‘Gain of Function’ Research Deadlier Than Nukes

Discussing the Senate’s first-ever “gain of function” hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) noted that several productive revelations came out of the hearing regarding pinning down the origin of the COVID pandemic, though some dark moments were also brought to light.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” Marshall pointed out that dating back to 2012, Dr. Anthony Fauci — who serves as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical advisor to the president — “has been funding viral gain-of-function research.”

According to the Kansas senator, despite government moratoriums against the research, Fauci — who is also the country’s highest-ranking epidemiologist — “continued to fund” the research.

“The viral gain-of-function studies led to the COVID-19 virus, which killed more than 1 million Americans,” said Marshall, a medical doctor (obstetrics) before being elected to Congress in 2017.

During Wednesday’s Senate hearing, Marshall and the Senate Oversight Committee brought in three medical experts to provide key information regarding gain-of-function research.

The hearing came just one week after Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) attempted to pass an amendment to the CHIPS-Plus Act which would have banned the United States’ funding of gain-of-function research in China.

The medical experts called in to testify at the hearing concluded that “gain-of-function research is basically a weapon of mass destruction,” according to Marshall.

“It has taken a virus that, when in the wrong hands, can end up killing millions of people,” the senator added.

Marshall went on to argue that gain-of-function research has also had an effect on production, noting that it has been a plague on agriculture — both domestic and worldwide.

“What we’re doing with viral gain-of-function research is the equivalent of doing nuclear research with Iran and North Korea,” the GOP senator said, alluding to how Fauci continually calls for China to benefit financially from virus research, despite evidence pointing to the conclusion that a lab leak in the communist country likely led to the COVID pandemic.

“It’s more powerful and has killed more people than nuclear weapons have,” Marshall noted, adding: “I hope America’s listening. I hope they realize what the [Fauci] administration has done” to this country.

Emphasizing his point that Fauci is potentially guiding the U.S. in the wrong direction, the Kansas senator again pointed to 2012, when virus researchers were studying methods to make the bird flu “more contagious.”

At some point in the process of that research, the scientific community realized how lethal it could be if it were to find its way into the hands of a U.S. adversary, and decided to take a step back from the research, according to Marshall.

“But Dr. Fauci continued to push it,” he said, adding that because of this potentially “illegal” act, “a million people have paid the price.”