Sickly Bill Clinton Rushed To ICU, Hillary Clinton And Huma Seen Leaving Hospital Shortly After

Former President Bill Clinton has been placed in the ICU at Irvine Medical Center for infection and seems to be recovering. Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were seen leaving the hospital.  

Bill was put in the ICU primarily because of safety and privacy. If he were laced in a standard unit, the former president would likely be a target, so his security and privacy are essential. According to CNN, Bill’s doctors said that “he was admitted to the ICU for close monitoring and administered IV antibiotics and fluids. He remains at the hospital for continuous monitoring.” 

Spokeswoman Angela Urena said that the former president was responding well to the antibiotics, walking around, joking, and his white blood cell count was down. Bill does not have Covid-19, and the hospital stay should end shortly, and he will be able to go home.  

Bill has sepsis which is caused by a pre-existing infection spreading to the bloodstream. It can come from many things, such as a wound, UTI, or any minor infection in the body that grows large enough to travel through the bloodstream.  

Sean Hannity wishes the former president well and noted that, unlike Democrats, his party doesn’t wish death on anyone. Hannity spoke to Fox News medical contributor Marty Makary who said that the former president is doing better. Still, with his age of 75 years old and previous heart bypass, his immune system is weaker.  

Both Hillary and Bill are getting older, and their political careers should end very soon. According to Yahoo, Hillary is still very involved in politics in one way or another, and she has said that she’s never going to leave politics.

The real question is if Bill is still in the hospital because he wants to flirt with his nurse? Bill has a vivid history of physical misdeeds, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he wanted to spend some time away from Hillary. It would be terrible for one’s health to live with such a vile human being, but they both seem to complement each other’s evil nature.