Smith & Wesson is Standing Up Against the Biden Administration

Since the Biden administration got into office, it’s made its opposition to firearms and lawful gun owners very plain.

The president routinely calls for heightened liability for gun manufacturers, along with spreading lies about firearms. All of this is part of a greater campaign to snuff out Second Amendment rights altogether.

Congress recently passed a gun control bill, one that Democrats like Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) say opens the door to more restrictions on firearms.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and others who cherish the right to bear arms continue to defend the liberties of lawful gun owners in spite of all this.

Now, leading gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is taking a direct stand against the Biden administration.

A Loud and Clear Message From Smith & Wesson

In a short video entitled “Who Are We,” Smith & Wesson sent a clear message of what the company stands for.

Not only does the leading gun manufacturer support the right to bear arms, but its staffers are also people who share honorable values, such as dedication, responsibility, and freedom.

Smith & Wesson likewise made it clear that the company is about “empowering” the people of the United States. This comes on top of the company’s mission to continue making firearms for law-abiding people to own and defend themselves with.

“Who Are We” additionally sends important messages about standing up for what’s right, being tough in the face of attacks, and never losing faith in the truth.

Despite what the gun control movement wants people to believe, companies like Smith & Wesson are not bloodthirsty entities without care or regard for the lives of innocent, good people. In fact, their position is precisely the opposite.

Reaction to the Recent Supreme Court Victory

Days ago, the Supreme Court ruled that New York’s “may issue” law, making it next to impossible for people to get concealed carry permits, was unconstitutional.

This set a nationwide precedent, especially since there are no amendments where people have to prove to the government a need to use them.

Smith & Wesson, like others who cherish Second Amendment rights, ultimately celebrated this verdict.

The gun manufacturer understands the dangerous precedent that’s set by allowing government entities to pick and choose which constitutional rights are afforded to the people of this nation.