Socialist Sanders Rips Sens. Manchin and Sinema for ‘Sabotaging’ President

Sen. Bernie Sanders spent his Sunday lashing out at a pair of Democratic senators he says are guilty of “sabotage” for their opposition to “Build Back Better.”

Another week, another disjointed leftist rant.

Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) were called out by name for Sanders’ criticism on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Host Chuck Todd gave the former presidential candidate an out by noting “sabotage” is a strong word. But Sanders refused to take the bait.

He noted that 48 senators supported President Joe Biden’s effort to “take on the wealthy and powerful” and “help working families.” Ignoring the other 50 who disagreed, Sanders slammed the two moderate Democrats for derailing the nearly $2 trillion climate and social spending package.

The senators also blocked a move to change the Senate’s 60-vote threshold to allow a simple majority to end filibusters. This action would allow all legislation to pass with a simple majority. Sanders also called on West Virginia and Arizona residents to apply “pressure” to the pair.

Sanders and Manchin are widely known for intense squabbles behind closed doors. This despite photo-ops attempting to prove otherwise.

As otherwise liberal Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos wisely noted this week, it was Manchin in particular who saved the Biden administration from itself. Pour even more trillions into an already overheated and inflationary economy, and today’s prices might look like a cakewalk.

Sanders in January suggested both Manchin and Sinema may face primary opposition when their terms are up. Asked if he would consider supporting their challengers, he replied “well, yeah.” Sinema is up for reelection in 2024 and Manchin doesn’t face West Virginia voters until a year later.

Manchin previously noted that Sanders is not even a Democrat, and most Americans reject his socialist positions. As for facing a primary challenge, the West Virginia senator recalls that he has been “primaried” in every election of his life, “so bring it on.”

There are rumblings within the Democratic Party to cobble together a slimmed-down version of Build Back Better this year. There have been discussions with Manchin over finding a package he would support, but nothing specific has come to fruition. Agreement looks less likely now.