Soros’ Control Over Media Goes Deeper than Many Suspect

For years on end, the mainstream media has been consistently called out for showing bias that is overtly pro-leftist and anti-Republican.

This bias truly came to the forefront amid the 2020 presidential election. During this time, the media purposely pushed and promoted Joe Biden. Meanwhile, stories that could have hurt Biden’s presidential prospects (such as the infamous laptop of Hunter Biden) were intentionally kept quiet.

Many Americans wonder about the underlying cause of various narratives put out by the mainstream media. As it turns out, conservative author Matt Palumbo has an explanation for this.

The Truth About the Mainstream Media
During his interview with EpochTV, Palumbo explained the media’s bias ultimately boils down to it being largely under the thumb of liberal billionaire George Soros.

Soros is notorious for pumping obscene amounts of money into funding left-wing causes, candidates, and activist groups. The mainstream media is no exception. Palumbo informed EpochTV that the New York Times, CNN, ABC News, Washington Post, and CBS News all operate under Soros’ control.

With this control comes the liberal billionaire’s ability to determine how the general public interprets stories and details shared by the media. Palumbo explained that Media Research Center findings reveal that Soros has doled out over $52 million on pulling strings in the media.

Much of Soros’ funding is done through his organization, the Open Society Foundation. While the liberal billionaire claims this organization exists to promote individuality and democracy, its donations tell a different story.

Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police, and even left-wing district attorneys who won’t prosecute criminals have all gotten funding from the Open Society Foundation.

Ultimately, Soros leverages his money to get what he wants, whether that’s certain candidates in office, specific policies into law, or particular narratives into the minds of everyday Americans.

What Every American Should Know
As long as mainstream media outlets remain bought and paid for by Soros, expecting truly fair and accurate reporting isn’t reasonable.

The Open Society Foundation is blatantly in favor of measures to promote leftism in as many different capacities as possible. The Soros money trail speaks greatly to this reality.

Ultimately, Americans who are eager for fair and balanced media reporting would do well to look at outlets that aren’t neatly in the pocket of Soros. CNN, the New York Times, and most mainstream media outlets don’t fall into this category.