Soros Prosecutor Disqualified from Criminal Case

A judge in Loudoun County, Virginia, has removed George Soros promoted left-wing prosecutor Buta Biberaj from a criminal case because her office deliberately misled “the Court and the public” by attempting to push through a plea agreement on misleading grounds. The exceptionally rare order disqualifies Biberaj’s entire office from the case and appoints the prosecutor in Fauquier County to handle the case.

Republican Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares wrote to the court to offer his assistance if needed and said that Biberaj “cares more about criminals” than the community she is sworn to represent.

The order came from Loudon County Circuit Judge James Plowman, who was the county prosecutor before Biberaj took office. The case involves charges against Kevin Enrique Valle, who was arrested on three misdemeanor charges of destruction of property and false identification and two felony burglary charges.

When Biberaj and her office put together a proposed plea deal for Valle, they apparently omitted some important details about his alleged criminal acts in other locations to make the agreement look acceptable to the court.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Michele Burton wrote the plea agreement for presentation to Judge Plowman, which said the alleged crimes in the case occurred in a matter of hours. Plowman wrote that characterization was “entirely inaccurate.” He said the truth is that Valle is accused of a “12 burglary crime spree spanning four counties over ten days.”

Plowman went on to say the prosecutor overtly misrepresented the true facts of the case by leaving out material details of the defendant’s alleged other crimes. He said the agreement shows “a lack of knowledge of the facts of the case or the ability to apply basic legal principles.”

Virginians for Safe Communities President Sean Kennedy said in a press release that Biberaj’s “conduct is completely unbecoming of both a prosecutor and an officer of the Court.” He added that the judge’s order is a “damning indictment of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s ethics and her low regard for the integrity of the justice system.”

Biberaj previously approved the release of a male student who allegedly raped a girl student in a Loudoun County public school while he was wearing a dress. The prosecutor simply moved the assailant to another school, where he then sexually assaulted another student.

The case drew national press attention when it was shown the county school board attempted to hide the assault in its effort to enact a policy allowing boys to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.

Criminal indictments in Loudoun County have fallen by 67% since Biberaj took office.