South Carolina Democrats Busted For Drug Trafficking

The Democratic Party, at the federal level, is in deep trouble. It’s bogged down by one of the most disliked presidents of all time, along with inflation, border problems, its own growing attacks against free speech rights, and more.

However, state-level Democrat Parties are not immune from their own problems.

Months ago, the Democrat Party of Michigan landed in hot water over an anti-parent social media post. This post flippantly said that parents aren’t the clients of public schools and should take their kids to private schools if they don’t like the public curriculums.

There are many other examples of issues within individual states’ Democrat Parties. However, in the case of South Carolina, the Democrat Party there is now exposed as having a drug trafficking problem, per Washington Free Beacon.

The Link Between South Carolina Democrats and Drug Trafficking

Left-wing campaign manager Jason Belton has been a part of multiple Democrats’ political campaigns, all while being investigated by the federal government for trafficking cocaine.

As Belton was working to get Democrats elected into office, he was also running heists with drug dealers and doing all he could to illegally distribute narcotics.

Apparently, when Democrats were vetting Belton and letting them work for his campaign, they either didn’t know about this or just didn’t care.

It gets more interesting, though. Even after Belton’s arrest for drug trafficking in 2018, the South Carolina Democratic Party still allowed him on as the chairman of the party’s Black Caucus.

This came after Belton petitioned to have his ankle monitor removed, of course. According to the campaign-manager-turned-South-Carolina-Democratic-Party-official, the ankle monitor posed problems with his duties as a lobbyist.

Despite Belton’s ties to both drug trafficking and many higher-ups within the South Carolina Democrat Party, the party has not put out one statement regarding his criminal record.

A Long Record of Criminal Activity

Jason Belton getting busted for cocaine trafficking is far from the first time he’s had run-ins with the law. Back in 2007, Belton was taken into police custody after having a role in a drive-by shooting.

Belton’s legal troubles stemming from drug trafficking aren’t over yet. Thus far, he still has a court appearance later this year in August.

At this point, the South Carolina Democrat Party’s refusal to condemn this, or, at the very least, put out a statement, truly speaks volumes. At this point, it begs to question what other members of the party could possibly be involved in.