SpaceX Axes Five Employees for Criticizing Founder

Not content to work for what may be the most valuable company in the world, a group of SpaceX employees drafted and circulated a letter slamming CEO Elon Musk. It called him an “embarrassment” and a “distraction.” Five of the critics are now unemployed.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

The note, entitled “an open letter to the executives of SpaceX,” demanded that the company “swiftly and explicitly” part ways with Musk’s “personal brand.” Further, the company must be “a great place to work for everyone,” and “tackle unacceptable behavior.”

The letter criticized Musk’s “harmful Twitter behavior.” Musk, of course, is in the process of purchasing the social media platform and is taking heat for his strong free speech stance.

The SpaceX founder and CEO already fell out of favor with the Biden administration for being anti-union, and he is increasingly vocal about becoming more conservative. He voted for GOP congresswoman Mayra Flores in a special election in Texas, and this drew criticism from leftists.

One anonymous critic said while “we all admire (Musk’s) intelligence, his social behavior is unacceptable.” They said workers are now both “proud and ashamed” to be employed by the company.

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell revealed the company conducted an inquiry into the open letter and “terminated a number of employees involved.” She called the writing “overreaching activism.”

Shotwell added that employees felt intimidated and bullied into signing something that they did not agree with. The letter referenced an accusation of sexual misconduct that Musk flatly denied. She said the activists spread waves of “unsolicited emails” across the company while at work.

The company notoriously has a “no a–hole” policy aimed at what Shotwell says are people who interrupt others and either shut down or dominate conversation. These people, she said, create a “hostile environment where no one wants to contribute.”

Union activists at Communication Workers of America, anxious to pause their further decline into irrelevance, jumped into the controversy. In a statement, the CWA said they hope it will be a “rallying point for workers.”

Without a doubt, the National Labor Relations Board will get involved, and with the ill feelings between the CEO and the White House, the result may not be favorable for Musk. But the gall of woke employees to demand SpaceX distance itself from its founder for virtually no reason is astounding.