Special Counsel’s Gag Order Request Against Trump Denied By Judge

Special counsel Jack Smith’s recent attempt to place a gag order against former President Donald Trump (R) in the classified documents case was swiftly rejected by Federal Judge Aileen Cannon. The judge admonished prosecutors for failing to properly confer with Trump’s defense lawyers before making the request.

Smith’s team had sought to prohibit Trump from making statements they claimed posed a “significant, imminent, and foreseeable danger” to law enforcement agents involved in investigating and prosecuting the case. They cited Trump’s “intentionally false and inflammatory statements” about the FBI’s search at Mar-a-Lago.

Trumps lawyers responded strongly criticizing the request, for an order, as an attempt to censor Trumps speech during his campaign. They accused the prosecutors of acting like “self appointed Thought Police”. Using their power to control Trumps freedom based on their beliefs.

In her order denying the request, Cannon slammed prosecutors for their “pro forma ‘conferral'” which she found “wholly lacking in substance and professional courtesy.” She warned that future non-compliance with the court’s conferral requirements could result in sanctions.

While many legal experts have criticized Cannon’s handling of the classified documents case, they agreed she was correct in this instance to uphold the court’s local rules mandating meaningful conferral between parties before filing motions.