Spice Company ‘Loses’ Major Sales After ‘Trashing’ Conservatives

Political tensions have been on the rise in the United States for quite some time now. Despite Biden pledging to “turn down the temperature” and erase partisan divides, he’s inflamed these tensions.

Biden turned up the temperature and worsened partisan division by encouraging Americans to turn on one another. The President did this by imposing COVID vaccine mandates that he said in 2020 he wouldn’t implement.

Biden then worsened political tensions by railing against the unvaccinated and ordering Republican Governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott to “get out of the way.”

Making baseless accusations against the political right has become a favorite pastime for Democrats. Recently, one spice company chose to jump on this bandwagon. However, recent Fox Business reports indicate this decision has largely backfired.

Penzeys Spices sent out an inflammatory newsletter to their customers not too long ago. In this newsletter, the spice company declared Republicans as “racists.” It stated its support of angering conservatives to honor the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Penzeys Spices also bizarrely declared that Republicans are interested in purchasing firearms to shoot black Americans. Before the newsletter concluded, it also reiterated the debunked lie that conservatives don’t want black Americans voting in elections.

As one might imagine, this newsletter’s untrue and hyper-partisan comments didn’t go over so well. Over 40,000 Penzeys Spice customers reacted to this by unsubscribing from the company altogether.

Since the significant loss, Penzeys Spices doubled down on calling conservatives racists before requesting current subscribers to purchase gift cards. The spice company also admitted the defeat of subscribers was hurting its bottom line.

Penzeys Spices has since declined to respond to comment requests from Fox News.

Some people will argue that Penzeys Spices has a right to express its views in a free country. While they have this right, Republicans and others who disagree with the rhetoric from the spice company have every right to withdraw their financial support.
Conservatives condemned Penzeys Spices’ remarks as distasteful, inaccurate, and reprehensible. Others noted that people should take their money and support companies that do not loathe Republicans or other patriots in America.

At this point, it is not looking like Penzeys Spices will recover from this fallout anytime soon. Their anti-Republican rant did win them some new leftist subscribers. However, the number of people who withdrew their support far outweighs those who signed up.