SPLC Targets Parents As Total ‘Hate Groups’ Decline

The radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) should be celebrating the record-low number of “hate groups” listed on its annual map of the U.S. But it’s not.

Instead, the organization bumped its numbers higher than they ever should have been by including mainstream conservatives and parental rights groups on its ledger.

Apparently, this was the only way the group could extend its narrative that “far-right hate” is sweeping the nation. So, being concerned about your children being exposed to porn in schools is akin to getting a swastika tattoo.

The SPLC’s 2022 report revealed 523 hate groups in the country. That is the low water mark since tracking of such entities began in 2000, But even that figure is artificially high.

Now the SPLC lists “anti-government groups” on the roster of hate groups. With that reclassification, the number for the SPLC ballooned to 1,225 “hate and antigovernment groups across the U.S.”

On its website, the organization tried to explain.

Hate groups, by its definition, “hold beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

Meanwhile, the SPLC defines antigovernment groups as those which view Washington as “an enemy of the people and promote baseless conspiracy theories.”

Of course, no specific “baseless conspiracy theories” were listed as justification for lumping these two categories together. But the SPLC did not stop with its vague fusion of conservative thought with genuine hate groups.

It asserted that “far-right” leaders espoused “even more violent rhetoric.” Their words, it claimed, build an atmosphere that “breeds political violence.”

No proof of course, and apparently the SPLC slept through the summer of 2020 and its actual violence against the government.

Obviously eager to inflate the number of hate groups it valiantly battles, the SPLC recently targeted Moms for Liberty with its nebulous designation. This grassroots organization primarily fights the distribution of pornographic and obscene materials in public schools to minors.

Moms for Liberty has become so popular that it now boasts chapters in 45 states. That drew the ire of leftist groomers, and the SPLC quickly fell in line by designating the activist mothers as a hate group.

Crying “wolf” is a sure path to irrelevance, one that the SPLC is headed down with great speed.