Spotify Executive Blasts Prince Harry, Meghan Markle As ‘Grifters’

After Spotify canceled the second season of Meghan Markle’s podcast and parted ways with Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, last week, Spotify’s head of podcast innovation and monetization Bill Simmons blasted the couple for being “grifters” — a slang term used to describe “someone who gets money dishonestly by tricking people,” according to Cambridge Dictionary.

Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, had a podcast on Spotify called “Archetypes” — where she complained about supposed misogyny she has experienced while exploring historical and cultural stereotypes of women.

According to the show’s Spotify description, it is “a podcast where we investigate, dissect, and subvert the labels that try to hold women back.”

The podcast was produced by the company that Markle founded with her husband, Archewell Audio.

“Spotify and Archewell Audio have mutually agreed to part ways and are proud of the series we made together,” the two companies said in a joint statement.

During an episode of his show “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” the Spotify executive labeled Markle and Harry “f—ing grifters.”

“I wish I had been involved in the ‘Megan and Harry leave Spotify’ negotiation,” Simmons said. “‘The F—ing Grifters.’ That’s the podcast we shoulda launched with them. I gotta get drunk one night and tell the story of the Zoom I had with Harry to try and help him with a podcast idea. It’s one of my best stories.”

“Shoot this guy to the sun. I’m so tired of this guy,” Simmons continued, referring to Harry. “What does he bring to the table? He just whines about s—t and keeps giving interviews… Who cares about your life? You weren’t even the favorite son.”

According to the New York Post, Simmons has openly expressed his negative feelings about Harry several times in the past — stating in January of this year that he was “so tired of this guy” and arguing that it was “so embarrassing that he’s on our platform.”

“I can’t stand him,” Simmons said. “So tired. I’m so embarrassed that I f—ing have to share Spotify with him. The guy sucks.”

Simmons isn’t the only one calling out Markle and Harry. The couple was widely mocked on social media after their Spotify show was canceled.

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sold everything they can think of, including their souls. Now, they’re paying the price,” said GB News’ Mark Dolan.

“The decline and fall of Harry and Meghan in the United States has been swift and striking. In America their outright narcissism, elitist arrogance and relentless nasty attacks on the Royal Family have spectacularly backfired,” wrote The Telegraph’s Nile Gardiner.