Stabbings In Canada Shows Dangers Of Soft-On-Crime Laws

Over the past several years, there’s been a rise in the notion that being soft on crime is no big deal. Many people of this mindset argue that criminals’ actions are just the results of them not being coddled enough.

Though it’s been proven time and time again that treating violent offenders with kid gloves only puts lawful individuals in danger. This is why cutting bail requirements, letting criminals off easy, and treating police officers like the enemy aren’t the best ideas.

Just recently a mass stabbing spree in Canada revealed the danger of what happens when criminals are given little more than slaps on the wrist.

A Preventable Series of Crimes
32-year-old Myles Sanderson made headlines after engaging in a series of stabbings that resulted in ten people dying and 18 others suffering critical injuries. This past Wednesday, Sanderson was finally apprehended by law enforcement. Though this wasn’t his first run-in with the law.

As it turns out, his wrap sheet includes robbery, making threats, attacking a police officer, assault, violation of his statutory release conditions, and assault with a weapon.

Before the stabbing rampage, Sanderson already had 59 different convictions under his belt.

Yet, because of Canada’s failure to fully hold the 32-year-old career criminal accountable, he was able to not only go on a mass stabbing spree, but then also attempt to evade law enforcement for four days.

As a result of the stabbings, Sanderson is now facing charges that include breaking and entering, attempted murder, and first-degree murder.

The Moral of the Story
Whenever criminals are treated with kid gloves, good people will be put in harm’s way. The ten people who died from Sanderson’s stabbing rampage would still be alive today, had the 32-year-old remained behind bars for his long list of crimes.

What happened in Canada is not an outlier. There are far too many other stories of criminals who were let off easy going on to end more lives.

Here in America, Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped and murdered. An individual who’s been charged in connection to her murder also has a long rap sheet and criminal history of his own.

Like Sanderson’s victims, it’s been pointed out that Fletcher would still be alive today, had the criminal justice system fully held a dangerous offender accountable for his actions.