Stacey Abrams Can’t Explain Her ’Double Standards’

At one point or another, many Americans have heard of Stacey Abrams. Abrams made a name for herself as a Georgia Democrat. Back in 2018, she ran to be Governor of the Peach State. However, she was forced to swallow the bitter pill of defeat at the hands of Brian Kemp, the current Republican Governor of Georgia.

Abrams, nevertheless, is taking another shot at being the Governor of Georgia. Yet again, it puts her up against Governor Kemp, assuming that he’s able to ward off an ongoing primary challenge from Republican David Perdue.

As part of her gubernatorial campaign, Abrams visited an elementary school. She was photographed with the children. However, there was just one massive issue with this.

Despite being a strong advocate of face mask mandates, the Georgia gubernatorial candidate did not wear a mask. However, all the children and other adults in the image did.

Abrams immediately faced criticism from both Kemp and Perdue. This criticism, in turn, led to Abrams implying that both Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidates were just racists attacking her on Black History Month.

However, there are some things about Abrams’ response that don’t hold water, as The Federalist documents.

In the same breath as branding her critics as racists for noting her double standards on masks, Abrams also issued an apology days ago. The Georgia Democrat conceded that “protocols” are essential and acknowledged that she didn’t set the best example.

With that in mind, this leaves the obvious question open: “In light of Abrams dismissing criticism of her mask hypocrisy as nothing more than right-wing racism, what was the intention of issuing an apology?”

Of course, the answer to this question is quite plain. Abrams released an apology because she knows Republicans are not her only critic.

The optics of supporting face mask mandates while simultaneously forgoing a mask yourself (and being photographed in the process) are terrible.

The optics are so terrible that the left-wing cohost of The View, Sunny Hostin, chastised Abrams for giving “ammunition” to Republicans and conservatives.

Stacey Abrams is amongst many Democrats who support all these heavy mandates yet can’t be bothered to follow any of them.

Abrams forgoing a face covering in a sea of masked-up kids come amid Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom attending a weekend sports game without a face mask. He was also joined by two left-wing Mayors in California who also broke their mask edicts.

None of these Democrats have been able to explain away their hypocrisy in a reasonable manner. It could be why multiple blue states are now rolling back their mask mandates.