Stacey Abrams Is Getting Destroyed In The Georgia Governor’s Race

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams has been struggling a lot lately. As Abrams runs for governor, she’s recently come under fire for telling outright lies about abortion and fetal heartbeats.

Before that, the Georgia Democrat was called out for taking a photo with children forced to wear face masks, while she herself didn’t have a mask. Abrams took heat for this because she’s been a well-known supporter of forced masking.

Recently, a frivolous lawsuit launched by Abrams against Georgia’s election integrity laws was laughed out of court. Naturally, none of this bodes well for someone who’s vying to win a gubernatorial election.

Now, new polling shows the Georgia Democrat is well behind incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R).

More Bad News For Abrams
According to a new Insider/Advantage Fox 5 poll, the Georgia Democrat is five points behind Kemp. This latest data comes as Abrams has repeatedly attacked Kemp’s record and Georgia in general. Months ago, the Democratic candidate came under fire for calling Georgia “the worst” state to reside in.

InsiderAdvantage reveals that Abrams is not only likely to lose the current election against Kemp, but she’d also be likely to lose a runoff election if it came to that.

Back in 2018, Abrams was already defeated by Kemp. Yet, she repeatedly denied this loss, claiming she was cheated out of the governor’s mansion due to voter suppression in Georgia.

This backfired on Abrams, leading the Georgia Democrat to now deny claiming she didn’t really lose to Kemp. Nevertheless, Americans need only roll the tape to see Abrams repeatedly lying about the outcome of Georgia’s 2018 governor’s race.

Ultimately, Abrams’ policies are not connecting with voters in Georgia either. Some have even said the Democrat simply wants to use the governor’s mansion as a stepping stone to getting into the White House one day.

Holding Abrams Accountable
Amid Abrams’ second campaign to win the Georgia governor’s mansion, her denials about the 2018 election aren’t the only examples of her lying.

During this cycle, the Georgia Democrat is being called out for her record on issues like education, illegal immigration, taxes, and crime.

Recently, Abrams has tried to distance herself from certain far-left policies for the sake of winning her election. Although conservative organizations are repeatedly letting Georgia voters know where Abrams really stands on these issues.