Standards Set By Obama Says Biden’s Economy Is Quite Successful

Never accuse Biden of being inept. His purpose is to pull the country down, and he is doing all he can to achieve that goal. Millions of illegal immigrants not only put a strain on the job market, educational systems, and welfare systems, but they also carry illnesses that will put the healthcare system to its limits. Similarly, the media has lost the trust of more than half of the public by forsaking impartial reporting.

Dollar Tree stores are now $1.25. It may not seem significant, but a 25% increase is a budget breaker for many impoverished individuals. Lamb prices have grown, although lamb is not widely consumed in the United States. Even though living near the seaside, seafood costs have skyrocketed. The price drops if you fish from the dock. Listen to Hank Williams, Jr.’s song “A Country Boy May Survive” to see how cheap deer can be.

Moreover, with the simple introduction of yet another future COVID-19 version on November 25, Anthony Fauci brought oil prices down 13%. It’s unclear whether such a variety, known as omicron, exists or, if it does, whether it poses a significant health risk. However, is it feasible that his statement was made to counterbalance Biden inflation by depressing the economy?

Fauci’s purpose appears to be a perpetual COVID-19 panic that favors government control over everyone, in collaboration with the powers that be. It is a calamity for the United States as a constitutional republic and a free-market economy. Attorneys general in each state should sue whenever and whenever they can, particularly when it comes to the border. It is in America’s best interests to slow the expansion of cheap labor, narcotics, human trafficking, and illness.

Inflation is a monetary phenomenon that occurs worldwide. New D.C. spending has flooded the economy, which is always portrayed as favorable. The only way to stop it is to drastically downsize government at all levels. If Americans can be persuaded that the guilt lies solely with Democrats and the permanent government class, a catastrophic crash may be required to reconstruct America.