States Rally Around The Constitution Against Biden’s ‘Tyrannical’ Covid Orders

As the Biden Administration overreaches by far to enforce unconstitutional vaccine mandates by executive order, several Republican governors across flyover country are in open revolt against a White House they know will fail to defend its lawless dictates in court.

That’s because Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates are unconstitutional. They fall outside the purview of the White House and federal government’s proper role as defined and delimited by the Constitution of the United States of America and its several amendments.

By some estimates, the White House’s intolerable vaccine mandates will affect some 80 million Americans. CNBC reported Friday that under Joe Biden’s new mandate, “80 million U.S. workers will have a choice between” showing papers to prove they have received vaccinations against the coronavirus or kowtowing to weekly covid testing.

The Associated Press reckoned the number of affected American workers much higher, reporting some 100 million would find themselves targeted by the White House for economic persecution if they don’t comply with one man’s order to get an intrusive medical procedure.

Even if Congress passed it, it would be unconstitutional, but an executive order will be a slam dunk for the governors to litigate.

The inevitable, if not deliberately intended, effect of this unprecedented federal power grab will be to subject tens of millions of American workers to being treated as if they are the “invisible enemy” itself, as Trump liked to refer to the coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic.

It’s like merely showing up for work and breathing will get Americans treated by their employers like potential terrorists. If they don’t have their papers showing they complied with the abusively exercised executive will regarding a personal health choice about their own body.

Meanwhile, the employers are sweating it out themselves under the threat of federal penalties for non-compliance. The entire system is based on fear, bullying, and heavy-handed enforcement. The whole of covid hysteria and response edifice is rotten to the core and has been from the beginning like many warned, including Mr. Trump, when he called it “a hoax.”

The idea of forcing medicine on people by harassing business owners is so un-American. It’s astounding to see millions of Americans supporting it.

As in the 56% of respondents to a recent Gallup poll who said they support vaccine mandates for office and work settings, they feel entitled to attack other Americans’ lives and livelihoods, harassing, bullying, and pushing them around until they submit to a hastily developed, highly politicized, elective medical procedure that changes how their body works. It is intolerable.

Luckily for many of the people affected, several governors are stepping up in open defiance of the White House’s vaccine mandate, saying their attorney’s general offices are standing by to challenge it in court. That includes 19 governors by the latest tally in the Epoch Times.