Steve Bannon is Being Railroaded

For years on end, left-wingers have made their animosity towards Steve Bannon very clear. They loathe the fact that Bannon not only worked in the Trump administration for a time, but also remained friendly with Trump even after leaving the White House.

When Trump pardoned Bannon before leaving office, Democrats went nuts, saying that both Bannon and Trump should be in jail. Between the Mar-a-Lago raid and charges that Bannon now faces in New York, it seems the left is working to get its wish.

Currently, the state charges Bannon is up against accuse him of defrauding pro-Trump donors who gave money to build the southern border wall. However, Bannon has some choice words about what’s currently happening.

A Very Important Message From Bannon
Despite Trump pardoning Bannon on the charges alleging fraud, this doesn’t prevent the state from bringing forth charges of its own.

In a public statement, though, Bannon warned the midterm elections are a strong factor in why he’s being railroaded by New York state officials. Furthermore, after claiming he was swatted, Bannon made a point of saying the left-wing mob isn’t going to stop with just him.

Bannon confirmed that he’ll never stop fighting for the America First movement, regardless of how hard the machine comes after him. The Trump ally also made sure to mention that he stands as a strong supporter of border security and ending illegal immigration.

In the final part of his statement, Bannon warned that the left-wing mob will have to end his life before he gives up the fight.

What Happens Next?
This upcoming Thursday, multiple reports claim that Bannon will hand himself over to the state of New York. This is the same day on which Bannon is expected to face indictment.

In the wake of what’s facing Bannon, many conservatives have rallied around him to show their support. Democrats, on the other hand, are cheerfully tweeting about how much they can’t wait to see Bannon indicted.

Following Thursday’s expected indictment, Americans can expect more news about the charges against Bannon and the potential for him to serve jail time.

Bannon’s warning that the criminal justice system is being abused and weaponized against conservatives comes on the heels of similar warnings from Trump.