Steven Crowder Settles The Debate Which US President Is The Most Terrible

On Thursday’s edition of “Louder with Crowder,” Steven Crowder decides once and for all whether Joe Biden or Jimmy Carter is the worst president. Also, Tess Holliday has no idea what the term “anorexic” implies. Crowder is still attempting to get removed from TikTok.

“Let’s Go, Brandon,” today’s more public version of that phrase, can be found on T-shirts, at Republican rallies and even at a Christmas Eve call-in session with President Biden and first wife, Jill Biden. Comparisons between the 39th and 46th presidents have become unavoidable: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said on Twitter, “Joe Biden is the new Jimmy Carter.” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Biden is “worse than Carter.” Carter has even infiltrated Democratic rhetoric: In a recent interview, Vice President Harris noted a “degree of melancholy” in the wake of the latest rise in coronavirus infections, echoing Carter’s “malaise address” in July 1979.

According to the reports, adversaries are watching and waiting for him to respond. North Korea has restarted nuclear development; China is showing its muscles in the North China Sea and threatening Taiwan. Russian cyber-assaults continue and Iranian terror organizations and the American border are out of control. Is Joe Biden genuinely convinced that his efforts have made the globe and America safer?

Moreover, Joe Biden’s “successful departure” of Afghanistan was so horribly managed that even their brave military men and women couldn’t back up his remarks. If he has a strategy, he doesn’t demonstrate it to the American people. Joe Biden’s words are strong, but his deeds speak louder.

How can any of their allies believe a word he says? Biden has stated that he does not want to pass on this “long war” to a fifth president. His actions have empowered terrorist groups, who are now more armed. In just eight months, Joe Biden has managed to transform the United States into a weak, untrustworthy laughingstock.