Stonewall Founder Believes Trans “Extremism” Hurting Gay Rights

One of the founding voices in the LGBTQ charity Stonewall, named after a New York City gay uprising in 1969, believes trans ideology is destroying equal rights activism. The organization has campaigned for several causes for over three decades but now faces turbulence from within.

Simon Fanshawe, an opening gay man, says that trans activists treat their dogma as non-negotiable. He believes this militant sector puts the movement in danger of being destroyed by wanting to “dictate what everyone is allowed to say and think.”

For a lifelong activist from a leftist group like Stonewall to make this observation is telling. Echoing a sentiment many staunch conservatives share, Fanshawe declares that to the militant trans community, equality means imposing their beliefs on everyone else “with no debate.”

Fanshawe was one of 22 signatories on a letter in 2019 condemning moves that endanger “women’s sex-based rights and protections.” The letter to the Sunday Times also expressed concerns about small children being challenged to determine their gender identity.

As evidence, the longtime activist cites last week’s testimony given by Stonewall’s head of trans inclusion Kirrin Medcalf at a discrimination trial in the UK. Medcalf said on the stand that bodies are not “male or female, they are just bodies.”

The organization’s current official position is that people are whatever gender they choose to be. To disagree is to be “transphobic.”

The UK trial was brought by Allison Bailey, a friend of author JK Rowling, who alleges her work and income suffered because of her view that there are only two sexes. Rowling, the “Harry Potter” author and longtime gay rights advocate, also faces “cancellation” for her views on gender.

Famed British actor Simon Callow echoes Fanshawe and Bailey, declaring that the Stonewall charity has taken “a strange turn to the tyrannical.” He says people are now declaring that things cannot be discussed. Callow’s response? “Yes, it can be discussed. Everything can be discussed.”

It is not great news for radical leftists when their allies declare their views to be tyrannical. Free speech and expression are bedrocks of democratic society, and to shut down any opposing viewpoint is apparently too much even for those who otherwise support your cause.