Student ‘Compares’ Teachers To Authoritarians Because Of The ‘Mask Mandates’

Students and parents are getting fed up with schools mandating masks, and students are beginning to stand up to it. Students are learning lessons about authoritarian leaders in other countries, but is it starting to look like their own schools are taking the same steps as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez?

Teachers have taped masks over students’ faces, locked students in closets, and plenty of other ridiculous and abusive acts that there should be strict policies that teachers have to follow when it comes to masks and COVID-19. If they don’t, severe punishment should follow. All the while, the FBI was weaponized to go after parents who disagreed with the COVID-19 mandates.

One student spoke at an Illinois school board meeting and told the school precisely what she thought about how they’ve acted.

The student said, “Thank you for educating students that making triple-vaccinated people feel safe is far more essential than our mental wellbeing. Thank you for showing me that even minor risks are not worth taking. Life is best when you take the road of least resistance, where there is no risk of failure and no chance of catching a cold.”

Children aren’t affected by COVID-19 like adults, and that’s a known fact. There’s no legitimate argument that children should be forced to wear masks in school because it should always be optional based on the parents’ wishes.

The student continued, “Thank you for not reaching out to the students to ask how we feel about masks. If you did, most students would say they despise masks, and you would have to reconsider your choice to have us wear them. Thank you for allowing me to feel the fear of not seeing facial emotions. Thank you for teaching us that we should never question authority or think critically but rather do what the people in power tell us. Obedience is the greatest option. I’ve realized that thinking for yourself is overrated and unnecessary when fear can be used to make decisions.”

Students have to be taught to think for themselves. The entire point of school is to socialize with other kids and learn characteristics and interactions that are acceptable and not acceptable. A child has to see the joy, sadness, excitement, disappointment, and smiles of other kids to do that.

Most experts agree that 70%-93% of communication is non-verbal. That means that kids are only learning a small number of communication skills, which will affect them as they grow older, and there’s no gauge of the results. Long-term absence of interaction from lockdowns is also lost.

The student also pointed out specific studies that show mask mandates don’t work.

“Other research, not randomized trials, have looked at the impact of masks in schools, and their findings do not justify widespread, never-ending masking at school. A Brown University study that analyzed 2020-21 data from schools in New York, Massachusetts, and Florida showed no association between student cases and mask mandates, but did find a drop in instances connected with instructor immunization.”

That’s proof that masks don’t work.