Suicides Rise In Border Patrol Officers

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the largest sector in American law enforcement, has seen a major spike in suicide rates in the last two weeks. CBP believes the spike is due to record illegal migration at the southern border. In fiscal year 2022, the agency recorded over 2.3 million migrant encounters and because of the current administration, they were not allowed to perform the full enforcement functions.

At least four personnel have died by suicide in the last two weeks as agencies are dampened by the weight of record-high illegal immigration. The first two agents died by suicide in Rio Grande Valley, while the other died in El Paso. National Border Patrol Council Vice President Sergio Moreno said the surge in suicide comes from personnel who feel a low morale due to record illegal immigration brought on by new immigration policies.

Dr. Kent Corso is the first suicidologist hired due to the increasing number of agents taking their own lives. Corso is investigating the incidents and speaking with the agents who have lost their colleagues. Moreno has cited several conversations with distraught colleagues of the deceased.

In fiscal year 2022, CBP had a record of more than 2.3 million encounters and have already experienced 230,000 for the beginning of fiscal year 2023. President Biden’s reversal of Trump’s immigration policies is the source of the surge. Trump sought to deter illegal immigrants and increase the removal of illegals in our country. Since Pres. Biden’s reversal, there has been a massive increase in illegal migration directly linked to the increase in suicides among CBP officers.

Moreno said of the agents who died, “It is concerning that hard-working Americans, fathers, patriots, law enforcement officers, co-workers, and friends took their own lives days apart from the sector.”

When CBP suicide rates peaked at 14 back in 2009, two years after tracking began for suicide rates. An anonymous Border Patrol agent echoed complaints others had expressed. It is causing more stress on agents when they have to release the illegal immigrants after doing the hard work to track and arrest them.

Agents say since President Biden came into office and changed the policies they feel they have lost their purpose. Some also stated they know the long terms effects the surge of illegal immigration has on the country through immigrants taking advantage of government-funded support programs and medical structures. One agent concluded, “No support program will fix this. We need our purpose back.”