Sullivan Claims Anti-Woke NDAA Is Dead On Arrival

The Biden White House wants no part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed last week by House Republicans. Why? The bill to fund the armed forces strips away radical woke measures forced onto the military by the administration.

National Security Advisor Jake Sulliven expressed this sentiment on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday.

He declared the NDAA “is never getting to the president’s desk,” presumably due to Senate Democrats who will try to force extreme measures back into the package. Sullivan accused the GOP of mixing social issues with “the security needs of our nation.”

A most amusing observation considering that what he accused Republicans of is exactly what the president is doing. And that is using the military to promote a radical social agenda that would never pass congressional muster.

The list of offensive measures is long.

The Biden White House and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin rammed through such atrocities as offering “gender-affirming care” to the swelling ranks of transgender members of the military.

The Department of Defense was further forced to pay for abortion travel expenses for female service members and fund diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs.

It is a ridiculous stretch to believe that any of these measures affects military readiness in a positive way.

However, that is exactly the argument made by National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby last week. Addressing White House mouthpiece CNN, Kirby said it would be “very difficult” to envision the Democratic president signing the NDAA as currently constructed.

He asserted the bill “would make it harder for Americans to serve in uniform and not be able to do so with dignity, would not be able to do so with the proper care they need, both medical and mental care.”

Kirby further claimed that troops would face “greater risk” and combat readiness would be affected.

Combined with the removal of Biden’s woke initiatives in the NDAA is the largest pay raise for service members in two decades. This, however, is apparently not enough to satisfy the White House.

Instead, the Biden administration wants to use the armed forces as lab rats for radical social experiments. This is the true threat to military readiness.