Supreme Court Allows Biden Administration To Regulate Ghost Guns

The Supreme Court allowed the Biden administration to enforce regulations to crack down on ghost guns. These DIY firearm kits are created for individuals to purchase online and assemble at home. The Biden administration calls them a significant threat to public safety.

The rule clarified that ghost guns fit the definition of “firearm” under federal law. That being said, the government has the power to regulate them the same way it can regulate firearms manufactured and sold through standard processes. The ATF reports an abrupt increase in the availability of ghost guns.

Regulations require manufacturers and sellers of ghost gun kits to obtain necessary licenses, mark products with serial numbers, conduct background checks and maintain legitimate records. Very similar to how you would traditionally purchase a firearm in the U.S.

These regulations and rules go against everything ghost guns stand for. The law will be in effect until the administration files an appeal with the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court.

Anti-gun advocates and groups were more than welcoming of the court’s decision. President of Everytown for Gun Safety, John Feinblatt, stated, “Americans across the country will be safer thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision today to keep ATF’s life-saving ghost gun rule in effect.”

There have been several cases where manufacturers and sellers have challenged regulations in court. Some of those cases resulted in federal judges ruling in favor of the government. Others, like one in Texas, ended up in the plaintiff’s favor.

Since these guns are easily accessible, society is split on advantages versus disadvantages regarding these build-at-home guns. The opinions on this topic are polarized, and everyone has personalized opinions and views on ghost guns.

Ghost gun advocates would say privacy and anonymity, avoiding regulation and reduced costs are a few reasons they prefer these firearms over traditional ones. According to critics, some negatives attached to ghost guns would be lack of traceability, no background checks, and quality and safety of said guns.

Opinions on ghost guns can vary widely based on individual beliefs, political stances, and concerns for public safety. The typically more conservative Supreme Court has leveled with the Biden administration regarding the firearm kits.