Supreme Court Ruling Sparks Questions On Timing Of Biden’s Immigration Order

A recent Supreme Court decision has raised concerns about the timing of a new executive order issued by President Joe Biden, leading some to speculate about potential leaks from the court. The ruling, which came down Friday morning, has prompted scrutiny over Biden’s order legalizing immigrant spouses of American citizens.

Sean Davis of The Federalist questioned the peculiar timing of Biden’s executive order in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in The State Dept. v. Munoz. “Is there a new leaker at the Supreme Court? Just days ago, the Biden regime announced a radical new executive order to legalize the immigrant spouses of citizens, even if those immigrants were in the U.S. to commit crimes or were here legally,” Davis wrote. He highlighted the “oddly specific” nature of the order and suggested it was a reaction to the impending court decision.

The Supreme Court’s ruling stated in a 6-3 decision that the U.S. is not obligated to admit immigrant spouses of American citizens. The case involved an MS-13 member whose spouse was a U.S. citizen, challenging his demand for legalization. The court’s opinion emphasized that from the nation’s beginnings, the admission of noncitizens has been considered a favor, not a right.

Davis speculated that someone within the Biden administration might have been tipped off about the court’s decision. He argued that this foreknowledge explains the hurried and poorly formulated executive order aimed at broadening border admissions. “Somebody at the White House was clearly tipped off about the unannounced Supreme Court decision, which explains why the White House rushed out such a shoddily written and argued new executive order to open the border even more: the Biden regime knew how the Supreme Court was going to rule, and it sought to pre-empt the court with its absurd EO,” Davis concluded.

The questions raised by Davis suggest a significant breach if indeed information was leaked from the Supreme Court to the White House. This issue underscores the tension between the executive branch and the judiciary, especially on contentious topics like immigration policy.

As the story unfolds, it will be critical to monitor any investigations or responses from both the Supreme Court and the White House regarding these allegations. The integrity of the court’s confidentiality and the administration’s adherence to legal processes are both under the spotlight in this developing situation.