Susan Sarandon Protests Outside Of AOC’s Office: ‘We’re Losing Hope Here That You Represent Us’

Susan Sarandon, a well-known liberal actor, protested outside of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office in New York, saying, “If there’s a pathway you’ve got that we’re not aware of, please share it. Because we’re losing hope here that you represent us.”

If you’re seeing many Democrats lose faith in their party, then that’s a good thing. The actions that they’ve taken can’t go unchecked, and people are starting to notice that they’re hypocrites. Sarandon said, “It’s so difficult for people that are independent to get elected in the first place, and then to see the very people that sponsored the bill not stand up for it is very disheartening.”

What bill was Sarandon talking about? H.R. 1976 Medicare for All Act of 2021. The bill was co-sponsored by AOC, and the protestors were upset that AOC didn’t demand a vote on the bill. They also noted that AOC hadn’t used her extensive social media and other platforms to bring attention to activism. Still, AOC has been a little too busy pushing her clothing brand than doing any actual politics.

Politicians being held accountable by their constituents is laughable, especially on the far right or left of the political spectrum. Voters expect their wishes to be granted, and when they aren’t, what do they do? Vote for them again. At least that’s the common trend. And as soon as the politician is re-elected, they ignore the promises they made to their voting base. Biden is a shining example. Biden promised to improve the lives of Black Americans by creating change in their communities, but when the time came for Biden to put his money where his mouth was, he let down the people who elected him.

The public feels like politicians are celebrities in office who will do everything they want, but they aren’t. Particularly on the Democrat side, we just saw Nancy Pelosi’s husband cash out of a stock tip with Google. Their self-interests are way above the interests of the country, much less the individual voter. What the American people need to do is look at someone’s track record rather than their words. Biden hasn’t done anything substantial in his decades of political power besides the 1994 crime bill, and that bill negatively impacted the Black community.

Get these clowns out of office, and stop voting for incompetent politicians who have no intention of representing the will of the people.