T-Mobile Brings “1984 Dystopia” To Life

During the first half of January, many Americans felt waves of comfort wash over them once the United States Supreme Court torpedoed Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for large enterprises.

The Supreme Court determined that Biden’s mandate was too broad, and it overstepped the legal authority granted to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Following this ruling, the Biden Administration had no choice but to roll back its mandate.

In the wake of the SCOTUS verdict, multiple companies like Starbucks, General Electric, etc., squashed the COVID vaccine mandates they initially planned to put in place. Unfortunately, not all big businesses are following suit.

A release from PJ Media confirms that T-Mobile, a leading phone company, has fully embraced the despotic policies of COVID vaccine mandates for workers.

In a shocking twist, a T-Mobile whistleblower revealed the company is planning to fire all of its unvaccinated workers by April 2. The whistleblower supplied emails from T-Mobile’s chief director of human resources.

These emails inform workers that by February 21, those who remain unable to prove having at least had their first COVID shot will be put on no paid leave. If they’re still unvaccinated by the time April 2 rolls around, they’ll be altogether fired.

This COVID vaccine mandate, strangely enough, also applies to remote workers. According to the email from human resources, the need for remote employees to be fully vaccinated is due to the occasional trips they’ll have to take to the office from time to time.

Finally, the phone company also made it clear that anyone entering or working within their offices must be wholly vaccinated against COVID.

As many people might imagine, this tyrannical mandate from one of the nation’s largest phone companies has not gone over well. Many people have criticized T-Mobile for standing by its vaccine mandate, even in its ruling in January.

Other Americans suggested they cease doing business with T-Mobile unless the company chooses to walk back this mandate. The phone company’s decision to stand by such a mandate comes as the world sees growing uprisings against these mandates.

Many folks are likewise questioning the science behind these vaccine mandates when it’s now a fact that getting vaccinated against COVID doesn’t halt the spread of the virus, nor does it prevent infection.

No matter your views on COVID vaccines, this mandate is not a good look for T-Mobile.