Teachers Union Coaching Educators On Woke Indoctrination Of Children

A shocking new report accuses the nation’s largest teachers union of instructing educators on how to get away with introducing radical gender ideology in their classrooms.

The Defense of Freedom Institute (DFI) found that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) “coached its members on how to inject gender identity politics into classroom teaching.” The Wednesday report charged the organization with attempting to skirt opposition by concerned parents.

The AFT held a conference in July titled “Educating America’s Children.” A pair of sessions targeted attendees with “ideas and actions to take back to their schools.”

One training was “Affirming LGBT Identities in and out of the Classroom,” and the other was “The Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, Nonbinary Inclusive School and Classroom.”

The report showed the union attempted to train teachers to “affirm every gender identity” that conflicts with the student’s biological gender. It sought to dispel biological realities, hide training from parents and push school systems to do the same.

The DFI further cited the AFT, along with the nation’s number two teachers union, the National Education Association (NEA), for pledging to indoctrinate public school students with radical gender ideology.

The new report is a followup to last year’s study, “The AFT’s and the NEA’s Summer of Woke.” Last week’s offering was “Summer of Woke, The Sequel.”

The NEA in 2023, following backlash from concerned parents over its mission last summer, decided to approach the agenda items in secret this year. The report called the action a “shameful commitment to secrecy” and said it reveals just how out of step the union is with public sentiment.

The DFI noted that major teachers unions have rallied against state and local efforts to block pornographic materials from children.

In July, the NEA hosted a “Freedom to Learn” rally. Its entire purpose was to protest Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ stand against inappropriate materials and messaging in elementary school classrooms.

The union described his effort as “banning books, silencing educators and taking away the freedom to learn from students.”

The NEA in June released a “toolkit” to enable teachers to wade through what it called “neopronouns.” It also aimed to “dismantle systems of oppression” and end the habit of “assuming” a child’s pronouns by observing their obvious gender.