Tech Moguls Are Backing RFK Jr. Over Biden

Several influential figures from Silicon Valley are throwing their support behind Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., which is causing some concern for incumbent President Joe Biden.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, along with venture capitalists David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya, have expressed their support for Kennedy in his bid for the presidency.

According to Axios, Sacks and Palihapitiya are set to co-host a fundraising event for Kennedy in the Bay Area next week. The event will feature a cocktail hour followed by an intimate dinner.

Palihapitiya has reported an overwhelmingly positive response to the event, with numerous attendees showing enthusiastic support and “maxing out” their contributions.

In a public endorsement on Twitter on June 4, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey expressed his full support for the Democratic candidate.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, hosted Kennedy on Twitter Spaces earlier this week, granting him a platform to present his vision for U.S. policies.

Despite all this, the U.S. mainstream media has predominantly portrayed Kennedy as a “longshot candidate,” often deriding him for his perceived conspiracy theories and his stance against vaccines.

Critics have taken issue with his departure from the Democratic orthodoxy, as he expresses ideas that align with those of MAGA Republicans concerning the U.S. migration issue and Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine. These aspects have garnered substantial criticism from the media.

With his campaign steadily gaining momentum, Kennedy has secured the support of 20% of Democratic voters. The U.S. press has taken note of his rising profile, and Democrats are starting to express concern, particularly as Joe Biden faces a challenging election battle.

Observers in America have highlighted not only the increased media coverage and favorable poll numbers but also Kennedy’s “media-ready image” as an heir to a prominent political dynasty.

Kennedy’s increasing popularity may intensify the pressure on Joe Biden to participate in a debate, a prospect that Biden and other prominent Democrats have thus far been very reluctant to entertain.