Ted Cruz is Railing Against the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act passed the Senate on Sunday, leaving it to the House of Representatives to vote upon.

Democrats fought tooth and nail to pass this bill, claiming it will bring down inflation rates. However, Republicans have warned this legislation is going to cause inflation to skyrocket, due to all the excessive spending.

Meanwhile, Democrats are framing their spending as “investments” in healthcare, climate change, and other reforms that will help Americans.

Over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) railed against the Inflation Reduction Act citing the many ways this bill will devastate the United States.

Reviewing Cruz’s Warnings About the Inflation Reduction Act
On Sunday, the Texas senator told Fox News that Democrats did the nation a disservice by shutting down Republican-proposed amendments. Cruz also warned that Democrats voted to boost gas prices and overall taxes for middle Americans who are barely getting by as is.

Cruz also cited data by the Congressional Budget Office, noting that people making under $400,000 per year are going to be bearing the brunt of paying for this new bill.

Later, the Texas senator claimed that Democrats who continue to deny these claims are not being honest with the country.

Finally, Cruz warned that in spite of Democrats misleading the nation about the nation, they’re counting on the media to cover for them. Cruz’s remarks come as many Americans have concerns about the impacts the Inflation Reduction Act will have on their lives and finances.

The Likely Future of the Bill
Because the Inflation Reduction Act passed the Senate and is now heading to the House, it’s very much likely to pass. Democrats narrowly control the House and have made their support for passing this bill clear.

After the Inflation Reduction Act passes Congress, it’s then set to go to the desk of Joe Biden. Like the members of his party, Biden’s been clear that he backs this legislation and will pass it into law.

Meanwhile, Republicans have accused Democrats of rushing to get the Inflation Reduction Act passed so that they no longer have to answer questions about the economy. This bill will also be seen largely as a victory by the Democratic base ahead of November’s midterms.