Ted Cruz Tells Lincoln Project To Leave His Children Out Of Attacks

This week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) hammered the anti-Trump Lincoln Project after one of the Super PAC’s founders brought up the senator’s children during a media appearance on social corporate media outlet MSNBC.

The Lincoln Project’s core of former Republicans had long had no love lost for Cruz, who again attracted their attention when he criticized the Biden administration’s use of “Sesame Street” characters in its campaign to sell young children on COVID-19 vaccines as “government propaganda.”

One of the Lincoln Project co-founders, Steve Schmidt, appeared on MSNBC Monday evening and described Cruz’s criticism of the administration as “abject stupidity.” Schmidt went on to bring the Cruz children into his raging attack. He said that if Cruz had “kids that age,” the chances that they would not be vaccinated are “exactly zero.”

Cruz responded by saying the Lincoln Project’s “pedophiles need to stop talking about my children.”

The shot was directed at disturbing controversies that have plagued the liberal PAC in recent months. The most notorious issues involve another Lincoln Project founder, John Weaver, who reportedly sent several inappropriate and physically-oriented messages to several young men during his politics.

Weaver has admitted that he engaged in the alleged behavior after at least 21 young men came forward with accusations that Weaver engaged in grooming them by sending inappropriate messages in the context of promises to provide them with career opportunities in politics.

It was then reported that other Lincoln Project leaders were aware of the accusations regarding Weaver’s actions for almost a year before they were made public. Even before the PAC issued statements, that knowledge existed that it was “shocked” by the allegations when the scandal became public.

After months of dealing with scandals that all but destroyed the PAC, Schmidt began a public relations campaign with social media to declare that the Lincoln Project would continue its mission to defeat “Trumpism.” He has stated that the group is going back “on offense” to take the fight to the “extremist, anti-democratic” Trump movement.

The group has since been embroiled in controversy again when it had to admit that it orchestrated a wild campaign stunt against Republican Glenn Youngkin in his race for Virginia governor. That hoax involved having staffers dress up like white supremacists and pretending to be Youngkin supporters at a campaign event.