Terry McAuliffe Asks: ‘Are We Blowing This?’ As His Hypocrisy About Education Is Exposed

When is hypocrisy not really hypocrisy, when you never claimed to be a person of integrity in the first place? It has been the Democrat’s great moral escape hatch. They are duplicitous crooks and liars with double standards, and that must be fine with their voters because they keep getting elected.

If you missed it, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is running against Republican Glenn Youngkin for Governor of Virginia. He was a failure as governor and thought he should get another shot. Education in Virginia declined while Terry was in charge. Maybe he learned from his mistakes, and he can figure it out this time. Or perhaps he is a crony who is looking forward to destroying the commonwealth and children’s futures.

Randi Weingarten, an American labor attorney and president of the American Federation of Teachers, says that a vote for Terry McAuliffe supports public education. She believes that the people of Virginia are too stupid to realize that all she cares about is her union power and dues instead of the children of parents in the commonwealth.

McAuliffe sent his kids to a private school where tuition costs around $30,000 per child per year. He attended private school. Terry wants your kids to attend school online as if COVID-19 has resulted in new forms of practical learning. Real educators know that learning outcomes are diminished by online-only education for most students, especially those who are not independent and face other distractions. And he wants to punish, fine, or imprison parents who refuse to allow their children to be indoctrinated.

Terry McAuliffe will block school choice, the very thing that would allow many Virginian students to benefit from the same kind of education he and his family received. But teacher unions want more control of greater numbers of students so that their money and special interests are protected. Did McAuliffe address the need for oversight and reform because the Loudoun County Virginia school district covered up the alleged physical abuse of a 9th-grade-girl in a bathroom? Nope. He never mentioned it.

Glenn Youngkin wants to involve parents in education. He has spotlighted education, where Republican organizations have been pounding ceaselessly on McAuliffe in TV advertisements. The goal is to invigorate more conservative voters and independents who think for themselves and care about the commonwealth. He has effectively given his campaign more than $16 million on his mission to support Virginians economically and in their education. Youngkin has received more money than McAuliffe, $15.7 million versus $11.5 million based on the Virginia Public Access Project.

McAuliffe has support from Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and James Carville. With about
three weeks to go, he urges his donors that the Virginia Governor’s race is nothing to joke about. Carville has ramped up emergency cries in fund-raising. It means they are desperate, and if Youngkin can stay on the message, he may pull it out.