Terry McAuliffe Doesn’t Learn Any Lesson Until Now

Earlier this month, Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe was handily defeated by Glenn Youngkin, the current governor-elect of Virginia. His defeat in the commonwealth arrived after he ran a seedy and failed campaign. 

McAuliffe got just about every single leftist big name to campaign for him. The Virginia democrat also resorted to using fake news sites on Facebook to disparage Youngkin’s character. 

It came on top of McAuliffe’s desperate attempt to make the Virginia gubernatorial election about Trump, even though the former president’s name was nowhere on the ballot. Ultimately, he lost because he was a poor candidate with inadequate policies and a terrible campaign strategy. 

However, the Washington Free Beacon now reports McAuliffe may soon be getting a position in Biden’s White House administration. 

At this time, it is not clear exactly what position the unsuccessful Virginia gubernatorial candidate may be in line to receive. However, the Biden administration is looking for a place where they can fit in McAuliffe. 

Quite frankly, this should not come as a shock. Biden campaigned extensively for McAuliffe when the latter was running against Youngkin. Furthermore, McAuliffe himself made it a point to have his campaign significantly centered around Biden’s plan. 

Though, McAuliffe did not get the memo that the 46th president’s approval ratings are significantly down in the commonwealth. Perhaps he didn’t care and thought he could win the election if he frequently compared his opponent to Donald Trump. 

Whatever McAuliffe thought he was doing, his strategy did not work out in his favor. 

He might find himself right at home working for the Biden administration. After all, the current White House is composed of failed individuals. 

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg failed to win the Democrat Party’s nomination during the 2020 presidential election. He then dropped out, endorsed Biden, and got a role in his administration. 

Vice President Kamala Harris also was unsuccessful in getting the Democrat Party to nominate her as their presidential candidate. Harris, like Buttigieg, later went on to drop out of the race. Shortly after that, Biden named Harris as his running mate and vice-presidential candidate. 

If McAuliffe is hired to work for the White House, it will be right on-brand for this current administration. With that said, there’s no telling what the more enormous impacts would be for the rest of the United States.