Texas Abortion Law Has Been Saving Number Of Lives

Texas’s Heartbeat Law went into effect by the 1st of September, even after massive protests by the Democrats. According to the law, it becomes illegal to get an abortion once the fetus’s heartbeat is detected, occurring at around six weeks of pregnancy. However, Texas denied itself the authority to enforce the law. The law also allows the citizens to sue those that provide abortion services for damages. With about 70-80% decrease in abortions, it seems the private attorney generals are being used to police illegal abortions.

Life News reported with joy that ever since the law has gone into effect, the abortion rates have reduced significantly. The abortion clinics have now become ghost towns as fewer women approach them for the services, and all also receive very few calls from those wanting to avail themselves of services. The four Whole Woman’s Health Clinics are the most famous in town, only operating at 20% to 30% compared to their previous service levels. Only a fraction of patients are now coming in or even qualifying for abortion, for that matter, under the new restrictions, according to the CEO of the Clinics. She also mentioned that the 7-8 weeks old patients don’t even bother calling anymore. They contact Oklahoma, New Mexico, or Louisiana.

As reported by Planned Parenthood, the demand for more reliable birth control has increased. But another concept that came to the view was that women considered abortion as just another form of birth control. Plus, Planned Parenthood is finally getting on the track to deliver what it promised: primary women’s health care, including cancer screenings, hormone therapy, and general physical health.

According to Texas Tribune, the abortion clinics have already lost a majority of their employees that have moved on to other jobs due to concerns regarding job security. So even if the Supreme Court reverses the law, it will be a long time before the clinics get staffed again.