Texas Church Destroys ‘Demonic’ Intruder

In what many might consider a shockingly bold confrontation of perceived evil, the congregation of the Community of Faith Church in Acres Homes located in Houston performed a fiery ceremony last week to destroy a statue they deemed “demonic.” The statue, discovered on church grounds just one week after a heartrending robbery, bore a resemblance to Santa Muerte—a figure often venerated by criminals but considered heretical by the Catholic Church.

Bishop James Dixon, the church’s influential leader, articulated the sentiments of his flock. “It’s disheartening. It is sad to think that people would do something like that,” he told local reporters.

The statue, ominously placed in the church’s gazebo, was taken as an affront to the sanctity of their place of worship. As one church member declared, “This is sacrilegious. This is holy ground. This is our church.” For a community accustomed to delivering good deeds, the statue was seen as an attack on their church and all believers in Christ.

The ghastly discovery occurred only a week after a significant theft, where robbers used a rolling cart to steal a safe that contained money and crucial church documents. Surveillance video captured the entire incident. Yet, instead of cowering in fear or retreating in the face of these troubling events, the church community drew together, demonstrating resilience and faith.

“We destroyed the works of the devil,” Dixon said, reflecting on the congregation’s resolve to burn the statue. He expressed the pain of knowing that his church, a beacon of hope and service, was the target of such unsettling events.

Church members came together to pray away the devil, reinforcing their belief in the power of unity and prayer. Despite these challenges, Dixon and the congregation remain steadfast in their faith and resolve.

Bishop Dixon, known for his visionary leadership that has grown the church from a mere 150 members to over 3,000, has remained a pillar of strength. He inspires his congregation to look beyond these incidents, maintaining their focus on what they believe: “We exist to make a difference, to make an impact.”