Texas Church Sparks Protest Over ‘All Ages’ Drag Bingo Event

The debate over whether children should be exposed to explicit adult themes has gained intensity in recent months with the prevalence of drag shows and related events geared toward minors.

One recent example involves the First Christian Church of Katy, Texas, which hosted a supposedly family-friendly bingo night attended by a host of drag queens. Promotional material indicated that the event was meant to support “trans and exploring teens, youth and young adults” in the community.

The bingo portion of the night gave way to a full-fledged drag show that was limited to an adult-only audience.

While some locals applauded the ostensible outreach effort, plenty of others were outraged by the perceived attempt to indoctrinate children with a radical transgender agenda.

Many parents and other concerned citizens showed up to protest the event, including a representative from an area advocacy group called County Citizens Defending Freedom.

As Rebecca Clark explained, locals “are done tolerating the exploitation and sexualization of our children in this country.”

Sarah Feigleson, who is also a member of CCDF, added: “Drag queens and children don’t mix. These events are happening in your backyard.”

She encouraged like-minded citizens to “stand up and raise a respectful ruckus” to voice their opposition to the ongoing trend.

Jonathan McCollough, the founder of Urban Conservatives of America, said that protesters were “out here to push back on things that society knows is wrong,” adding: “They are having an event welcoming children to drag queen bingo hour. This is unacceptable.”

Individuals affiliated with other groups, including the right-wing Proud Boys and a number of area churches, were also protesting the event. Nearby, supporters of the drag bingo night were expressing their belief that exposing kids to such explicit displays is perfectly normal.

Reports indicate that a number of demonstrators on both sides were carrying firearms.

One masked counterprotester carrying an LGBTQ pride flag asserted: “Drag in itself is just a costume. It’s no different than someone dressed up like a superhero at a comic convention or someone who puts on a Halloween costume.”

Rev. Heather Tolleson addressed the criticism of her church’s sold-out event, proclaiming that it was a rousing success.

“We create a place for people to feel welcomed and understand that there will always be people who disagree with us,” she said.