Texas Cops Pull 60 Illegal Migrants From Dump Truck

Texas law enforcement authorities pulled off an impressive bust from an unlikely place — 60 illegal migrants being hauled in the back of a dump truck crossing the southern border.

The state Department of Public Safety announced that the Monday incident involved a driver attempting to smuggle 60 young males in the back of the truck. According to TDPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez, the driver was arrested and the migrants were handed over to border officials.

The dump truck was reportedly headed to San Antonio. Images spread from the incident show dozens of people climbing out of the back of the large vehicle.

TPDS as a matter of procedure halts vehicles at the border, though there was not an instance recounted of that many migrants being hidden in a dump truck.

Olivarez noted that there is another new way for human traffickers to smuggle migrants — by small plane. They are flying into small, private airports where there are no TSA officials and lower security levels.

He said it is difficult to conduct immigration surveillance at every small airport, but authorities have intercepted three such attempts just within 30 days leading up to Oct. 3.

The number of illegal border crossers has skyrocketed to record levels during the Biden administration, even though the White House claimed multiple times that the border is “secure.”

Just last month authorities arrested eight persons who profited $2.3 million from a conspiracy to transport and shield hundreds of migrants across the southern border.

In a statement, Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division acknowledged that the large-scale operation placed a high priority on financial gain while “putting migrants’ lives at great risk.”