Texas Governor’s Race Keeps Getting More Interesting

Next year, multiple states across the nation will have governor’s races taking place. However, in the final weeks before 2022, the Texas gubernatorial election is becoming more fascinating.

There was talk about whether movie actor Matthew McConaughey would make a run for Texas governor for some time. A gubernatorial run by McConaughey was previously hinted at. However, the actor’s views on various issues do not always align with either Republicans or Democrats.

Then, there’s Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who seeks to unseat Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who already announced his re-election campaign. As American Thinker reports, between McConaughey, O’Rourke, and Abbott, the Texas governor’s race has seen many twists and turns with others likely to come.

First and foremost, Matthew McConaughey will not be running for governor of the Lone Star State after all. Earlier this week, the actor released a video on his Twitter page, explaining his decision not to run.

McConaughey declared he’s been looking into both Texas and American politics. However, he also explained after much thought and consideration. He’s chosen to continue directing his attention to organizations, business owners, and others who he believes are setting people up for success.

Unlike McConaughey, Beto O’Rourke is very much in the race. Since declaring his candidacy, though, things haven’t gone so smoothly for this Texas Democrat. During one of his campaign events in Houston, he was told by a city native to get out and leave.

This Houstonian made it very clear that he and others do not agree with O’Rourke’s policies or have any interest in seeing him in the Lone Star State’s governor’s mansion.

As things currently stand, Greg Abbott appears well-aligned with serving yet another term as the governor of Texas. Not only does Abbott have a good amount of funds stashed away for his re-election campaign, but he’s also beating O’Rourke by nine points in a Texas Tribune poll.

Moreover, O’Rourke has essentially blocked any slight chance he had of winning the Texas governorship. The Texas Democrat, by his admission, remains committed to policies that involve disarming law-abiding Americans and having the government “buy back” their firearms.

It will never stand in the state of Texas. As noted by Governor Abbott, additional dangerous policies of O’Rourke include open borders, higher taxes, lockdowns, anti-energy policies, defunding the police, etc.

Quite frankly, O’Rourke doesn’t stand a chance. The Texas Democrat should listen to the Houston native who told him to leave and never come back.