Texas Gubernatorial Primary Is ‘Heating Up’

Like several other states in America, Texas has a Governor’s race this year. The 2022 Texas Governor’s race is incredibly impactful this year.

Democrats have been after Texas for quite some time now. During the 2020 presidential election, Democrats worked hard to ensure Biden took Texas, but ultimately, Trump carried the Lone Star State.

Texas is also one of the top destinations that Americans are moving to escape left-wing policies in blue states.

There have certainly been some concerns about whether or not new residents will remember not to take blue politics to a red state. However, there’s a lot of evidence showing that people moving to red states like Texas want the state to remain red.

With all of this news in mind, the approach of the Texas gubernatorial primary already reveals some critical information, as pointed out by American Thinker.

Despite facing some GOP challengers, incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott is sure to be the nominee for the Republican Party of Texas. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Beto O’Rourke is expected to carry the nomination for the Texas Democratic Party.

Therefore, assuming that all goes as anticipated, the Texas gubernatorial race will ultimately boil down to Abbott vs. O’Rourke. RCP Average shows that the incumbent Governor leads with 48.5% support, while O’Rourke significantly trails at 38%.

Not only is the incumbent Texas Governor ahead of O’Rourke in the polls, but he also has a much larger stash of campaign funds. During the initial 20 days of 2022, Abbott brought in $1.4 million. Meanwhile, O’Rourke only garnered $1.3 million.

Likewise, he’s managed to raise $62.6 million throughout Abbott’s governorship. O’Rourke has less than one-tenth of that, at roughly $6 million.

In 2018, when O’Rourke launched a campaign to be a Texas Senator, the Lone Star State promptly rejected him and elected GOP Sen. Ted Cruz. Likewise, when O’Rourke tried to become President in 2020, he didn’t even make it past the Democratic primary.

As O’Rourke gears up to lose another election, he doesn’t seem to get the message that Texans don’t want him in office. The Democrat has tried to remedy this by pivoting on a prior promise to confiscate guns from lawful citizens. However, few Texans are falling for the act.

In an Abbott vs. O’Rourke matchup, it’s obvious the Texas Governor will be smooth cruising to re-election.