Texas High Court Decides Against Father In Gender Case

The Texas Supreme Court ruled against a father attempting to have his sons returned to the state from California to prevent one of them from undergoing gender transition procedures.

Jeff Younger has waged a lengthy custody battle with his sons’ mother, Anne Georgulas, who is a pediatrician. Younger accused Dr. Georgulas of using the boys to help publicize her “inclusive,” “gender-affirming” medical practice.

One of his children, James, is being raised by the mother as a girl named Luna, and Younger fears the child will be subjected to gender transitioning.

Georgulas moved to California with the boys, and Younger believes she will take advantage of a new state law to transition the boy.

Senate Bill 107, which took effect in the new year, expressly prohibits enforcement of an order from another state to remove a child from a parent or guardian due to that child receiving “gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.”

Younger took his plea to the Texas Supreme Court, arguing that the new California law will adversely affect young James. He told the court that, if allowed to stay in California, the child would be subjected to procedures considered to be child abuse in Texas.

Without intervention, Younger said injunctions against procedures performed on the children would be ignored by California.

When Georgulas received full custody of James in 2021, she was ordered to have Younger’s consent before the boy could receive puberty blockers or gender reassignment surgery. At that time, the court declared that moving to California would not prevent the order from being enforced.

On Oct. 24, Judge Kim Cooks said that the parents should maintain a “joint managing conservatorship” enabling both to have “a say in his medical treatment.”

But when Georgulus took the boys to California, Younger issued a petition attempting to retain his parental rights.

After the state Supreme Court ruling, Younger declared that his boys “are now subject to being chemically castrated in California.” He accused Texas of being “an empire of child abuse, led by Texas judges.”

Despite the high court ruling, Texas certainly has a vested interest in preventing what its own legal authorities deemed to be “child abuse.” It is a shameful state of affairs when one parent can decide on elective and life-altering surgery for a minor child over the objections of the other.