Thanks Joe! Ultra-MAGA Insult Now an Ultra-GOP Fundraiser

Democrats spent six months coming up with something — anything — to target Republicans with. Unfortunately for them, within scant days of unleashing their new weapon, the GOP is making money from it.

Ideas they rejected, such as “If you’re under 40, you’ve never seen inflation this high” and “You elected us, so it’s your fault” are better than what they settled on.

“Ultra MAGA.” It fits nicely on t-shirts and bumper stickers, and yes, they are already for sale.

President Joe Biden has been throwing “MAGA” around lately like one of his doomed spending bills. It’s the result of six entire months of research spearheaded by adviser Anita Dunn and the ultra-liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund.

The Washington Post reports that Hart Research and the Global Strategy Group did the actual boots-on-the-ground research. And half a year of surveying and brainstorming found MAGA is viewed negatively by many voters. More than even “Trump Republicans.”

Did Democrats keep the receipt for whatever they overpaid these geniuses? What was it that Hillary called Trump supporters? Deplorables. How did that work out?

Anyone with half a pulse knows American voters are roughly split down the middle. Half the populace views the AOC/Sanders/Clinton cabal like a piece of rotten meat on a dinner tray. The other half wishes red caps with white lettering were unconstitutional. This is hardly news.

A White House source confirms the negative connotations of “MAGA” are founded on “very sound, data-based research.” Like the sun rises in the east, though no one pays for that conclusion.

The Biden administration is purposefully avoiding Trump’s name while using “ultra MAGA” or the even-more-hilarious “MAGA King” to paint the GOP as extremist. And now the White House is desperately trying to tie the entire party into the proposals of one obscure Florida congressman.

Meanwhile, Republicans have AOC, Omar, Sanders, Jayapal, Pelosi, Waters, etc. for examples of extremism. Not one single U.S. voter will change their selection over hearing “ultra MAGA” repeated by the administration. Not one.

Bring inflation down to MAGA-era levels, and it’s possible. Take control of border security and who comes into the country, and we’ll talk. Stop worrying about pronouns and indoctrinating kids and instead address the nation’s weakness on the world stage, and voters may come around.

Just not over a lame slogan.