The American Freedom Convoy Is Here

Around the world, the strongest consensus appears to be that the time to take a stand, put it all on the line, and refuse to stand for tyranny any longer is now.

Canadian truckers, in many ways, blazed a trail when they stood up, gathered together, and declared they would not stand for mandates any longer.

Although Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted with bank account freezes and the invoke of martial law, several Canadian provinces decided to phase out various COVID restrictions.

Canadian protests struck a chord with many people. The brave people of the Great White North inspired American truckers to put together a freedom convoy of their own.

As cited by PJ Media, the United States trucker freedom convoy is now officially underway and in motion.

In Pennsylvania, many truckers have already begun heading to Washington DC to protest against COVID restrictions in general. As these truckers head to the nation’s capital, they are expected to join other truckers eager to participate in the convoy.

Other truckers expected to become part of the freedom convoy leave California, Maryland, and more. These patriots have made their stance very clear. The government’s time pushing people around and bullying them is over.

The news of the freedom convoy already has the federal government on high alert. National Guard personnel are deployed throughout Washington, DC, especially with Biden’s State of the Union Address scheduled for early next month.

Meanwhile, Capitol police officers have also been given instructions to set up various barriers in preparation for the trucker protests heading their way. Thus far, America is still seeing the very early stages of the freedom convoy. There’s no telling how big it will be or how long these truckers will remain in Washington DC once they finally arrive.

Although many of Biden’s attempts to implement COVID mandates have been thwarted, there are still some genuine concerns.

To begin with, many members of the United States military have either lost or are at risk of losing their jobs due to the President’s vaccine mandate. Republican lawmakers have been trying to investigate this further. However, the Pentagon is running interference.

Then, of course, the mask mandate for airline travel is also a factor.

At this juncture, much of the nation is ready to see all COVID mandates removed for good. Time will tell how much longer it takes to make this happen.