The Biden Administration is Seeking an Alternative to Trees

The White House under Biden is a heavy backer of the climate change agenda. Climate change activists, however, have been taking some heat lately, due to the impact of the policies they advocate for.

Much of this advocacy entails ushering people away from gas-fueled cars over to electric ones. This is a talking point the Biden administration has espoused on multiple occasions; however, seeing as most people can’t afford gas prices, they truly can’t afford the expensive costs of electric vehicles.

On top of this, the climate change movement has been largely against natural energy production, pipelines, and oil drilling. Each of these things plays a vital role in Americans having access to critical resources without having to pay an arm and a leg for them.

As the Biden administration further entrenches itself in the climate change agenda, they’re spending $3.5 billion in taxpayer dollars to apparently replace trees.

A Confusing Use of Taxpayer Dollars
On the dime of the American taxpayer, the US Department of Energy is funding machines that are meant to withdraw carbon dioxide from the air. The department is signaling CO2 emissions and other similar occurrences as reasons for these machines to be used.

However, as all of this plays out, many Americans have pointed out the obvious: trees are natural solutions to removing carbon dioxide from the air. This has been mentioned many times on social media, with folks questioning what the Biden administration is really thinking with this latest call.

Other Americans have branded this initiative by the Energy Department as reckless and even dangerous. It’s been noted that these machines being funded with American taxpayer dollars will generate substantial carbon emissions.

People have also raised alarms about the potential power sources of these machines and the impacts they could have on trees in natural environments.

Consistent Wastes of Taxpayer Money
Across the country, many Americans are frustrated with how the federal government is repeatedly using the taxes they pay.

Before the announcement of the anti-carbon dioxide machines, it was revealed that the House of Representatives opted to give free Peloton memberships to the employees working for them. Unfortunately, this, too, was being funded by American taxpayers.

In light of the clear role that trees play in doing what the Department of Energy claims these machines will do, some Americans are warning this is a scam altogether.

The option to plant more trees appears to be one the federal government will not engage in.