The Biden Administration May Fight to Restore Mask Mandates for Travel

On Monday, Judge Kathryn Mizelle became a hero to many Americans when she repealed the mask mandate stemming from the Biden administration.

The federal judge’s appeal came after multiple airline CEOs urged the White House to roll back the mask mandate for travelers and airline workers. On top of this, everyday people have protested against mandates countless times this year.

Judge Mizelle’s ruling led to a much-awaited domino effect. Not only did airlines end their mask mandates on Monday, but rideshare services, airports, Amtrak, and even Disney followed suit.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration cannot let this go. The White House press secretary claimed the administration will now move to have this mandate restored, according to National Review.

An Appeal from the Justice Department

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the Justice Department will likely move to appeal Judge Mizelle’s overturn of the mask mandate. Psaki then confirmed the agency is “reviewing the next steps” in this process.

While on Air Force One, Psaki was asked about the viral footage and pictures of Americans happily taking off their face masks while traveling. The White House press secretary dismissed this, claiming there are many Americans who want mask mandates in place.

Later, Psaki claimed the White House doesn’t believe courts should make public health decisions. This ironically comes as the Biden administration prepares an appeal to the courts to make a health decision that they agree with.

Meanwhile, Biden himself appeared to contradict the statements of his own press secretary. When a reporter asked the president if folks should continue masking up during travel, Biden said this was up to them.

It goes without saying this is at odds with the Justice Department’s move to appeal Monday’s ruling.

An Inability to Read the Room

Since news of the White House’s planned appeal has broken, the administration has been slammed on social media.

Countless people have said the time for mandates is over. Others warned that things could get ugly if Americans are told to put their masks on again after the mandates were lifted nationwide.

The White House’s insistence on pushing to restore an increasingly unpopular mask mandate is foolish, especially with midterm elections coming up. Democrats already have a series of strikes against them, ranging from the economy to border security, foreign policy, and more.

Any restoration of the currently defeated mask mandate could lead to massive backlash and anger amongst the public. When it comes to the masking requirement for travel, the White House would do well to let sleeping dogs lie.