The Body Positivity Movement is Taking Some Heat

In America today, the body positivity movement is all about people feeling comfortable in their bodies. People are told they should love themselves and have confidence, regardless of their size.

Critics of the body positivity movement have warned that it doesn’t do any favors for people who are obese or overweight. However, this warning is often met with people being accused of “fatphobia.”

The notion that nobody should be allowed to criticize the body positivity movement has gained a lot of support for the political left in recent years.

Now, classical liberal Bill Maher is pointing out what he views as the dangers of this movement.

The Dark Side of Body Positivity
In America today, a growing number of people are dealing with being overweight or obese. This has gotten to be such a problem that military recruitment rates are as low as they were since America’s draft ended.

According to Maher, this is a national security crisis that Americans should be concerned about. The talk show host also warned that enabling people who are out of shape to just let themselves go is harming them in the long run.

Later, Maher compared enabling people who are obese or overweight to congratulate an addict, rather than trying to help this person break their addiction.

Maher’s comments come as weight issues are impacting not just potential military recruits, but also individuals who are already in the Armed Forces. Nearly 20% of sailors in the Navy, for instance, are obese.

A Grim Future For the Military
As the military deals with recruitment issues, these issues have been furthered by the institution’s high-handed coronavirus vaccine mandates.

Many service members have been kicked out of the Armed Forces for refusing to take the vaccine. The reality of the vaccine’s inability to prevent its recipients from coming down with COVID-19 or getting others sick doesn’t have any bearing on the mandate.

Republican lawmakers continue to warn the military is essentially shooting itself in the foot with this type of mandate. However, neither Biden nor higher-ups in the Armed Forces are walking back this directive.

If a series of changes aren’t made to the military, it’s uncertain what America’s national defense will look like in the years to come.