The Campaign Pitch For Biden’s Presidency is a Proven Failure

During the 2020 presidential election, Americans were consistently pitched about all the positives that would come from electing Joe Biden.

Democrats said Biden would “restore” America’s “soul.” Biden supporters claimed that getting him in office would finally put “the adults” back in the room.

Yet, the contrast between what was promised from a Biden presidency and what actually resulted from a Biden presidency is very significant indeed.

One clear example of this is the president’s promise to cool down political temperatures and bridge divides. Biden made these claims; then, he went on to vilify unvaccinated Americans, accuse Republicans of being segregationists, and argue that the GOP doesn’t stand for anything.

This is far from the worst that’s come from Biden’s time in office, as documented by Red State.

The Epic Failures of “the Adults”

If the Biden administration is what “the adults” are supposed to be, then America has a tough road ahead. The reality is that under this current White House, prices have gotten unaffordable, the southern border has become more chaotic, and crime is spiraling out of control.

There hasn’t been a single move this administration made to promote unity. Right now, Biden is appealing to reinstate unwanted mask mandates for air travel; although, the likelihood of this appeal bringing back the mandates is low.

“The adults” are to thank for the Taliban being back in power in Afghanistan and for 13 US service members losing their lives last year. Then, there’s the war in Ukraine that Biden bears indirect responsibility for, due to putting his bad foreign policy choices on display for the whole world to see.

Russian President Vladimir Putin witnessed how inadequately Biden managed things in Afghanistan and knew that was the time for him to move in on Ukraine. Putin wouldn’t have even considered hitting Ukraine if Trump were president right now.

No Accountability From “the Adults”

Not only have “the adults” failed America with one bad call after the next, but they’ve also proven to be completely incapable of taking responsibility for these failures.

This past Thursday, Biden held a presser at the White House and said the economy was growing “enormously.” Considering where inflation, interest rates, consumer confidence, and economists’ predictions of a recession stand, the economy is not growing by any stretch.

This president’s leadership has taken the economy and other parts of the country in the worst direction possible. Everyone will be infinitely better off once Biden is out of office.