The Danger Of Biden’s Reckless Spending Legislation

Earlier this year, the Biden administration (with the help of Democrats in Congress) managed to pass the American Rescue Plan into law. Despite the name of this bill, this plan did not “rescue” anyone. Instead, it led to inflation and a litany of other economic problems currently facing the United States. 

Joe Biden just doesn’t get it, though. Neither do the folks working in his administration or the progressive Democrat lawmakers in Congress. Recently, the 46th president foolishly went on the record, declaring that passing his spending bill would deal with inflation. 

It is a very backward and dangerous point of view. Crazy government spending is what got the economy into the mess it’s in now. If Biden proceeds with more spending, inflation will only further run amuck. 

It is why Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz sounds the alarm about Biden’s spending bill currently being debated in Congress, as reported by Breitbart News.

While speaking with Fox News over the weekend, the Texas senator described the spending legislation Democrats want to pass next as “cruel.” To be precise, Cruz explained water bills, electric bills, gas prices, etc., will all skyrocket across the board. 

Then, the GOP lawmaker explained the Democrats passing this legislation wouldn’t have to deal with its adverse impacts. Cruz revealed leftist elites will still travel on private airplanes, not giving a care in the world about the significant surge of inflation. 

It also didn’t take long for Cruz to note how previous bills Democrats passed (like the American Rescue Plan) have inflicted so much harm on the United States. Finally, the Texas senator reaffirmed that every single Republican in Congress opposes these bills because of the negative impacts on the country. 

Americans are one year away from the midterm elections. In the meantime, there are two moderate Democrats in the Senate, Joe Manchin, and Kyrsten Sinema, who have expressed reservations about the spending bill their party wants to pass through Congress. 

Manchin and Sinema have stated some proposals of these bills are too much and come with too high a price tag. Because the Senate is split 50/50 across party lines, relying on these two moderate Democrats to do the right thing leaves the nation in a tight spot.

The most effective means of putting an end to wasteful spending entails Republicans taking back Congress. Were the GOP in control of the House and Senate now, Biden would not have been able to pass the American Rescue Plan or the faux infrastructure bill he just signed into law on Monday.