The Danger Of Embracing Pro-Crime Policies

For just about two years now, the Democrat Party has chosen to take a turn, embracing anti-law enforcement and pro-crime policies. Somewhere along the way, leftists deluded themselves into the notion that doing this was somehow taking a moral stance for social justice and fairness.

In reality, all pro-crime Democrats have done is make various communities across the United States more dangerous to be in. As these policies backfire on the left, they’re doing and saying whatever they can to try to avoid the political fallout.

Months ago, the White House became so desperate to avoid the negative press stemming their way from the defund police movement that they tried to claim Republicans were the advocates of defunding law enforcement. Just about everyone in America knew better than this.

American Thinker is currently reporting the serious threats Democrats are bringing to lie with pro-crime policies.

A dispatcher for the Chicago Police Department, Keith Thornton, has some very troubling news that should put everyone on high alert, regardless of where they live in America.

Thornton informed American Thinker of the reality that Chicago police have difficulty responding to calls due to the various onslaughts against them. The attacks have occurred in the forms of officers being villainized, defunded, and kicked out of their jobs for refusing to take coronavirus vaccines.

As the Chicago police dispatcher explained, this has created a situation where rising numbers of officers in the department are quitting their jobs, retiring, etc. The volume in which this is happening leaves the department increasingly ill-equipped to do its job.

Thornton also explains that officers who leave the job are not being replaced either. It means the Chicago Police Department is getting smaller and smaller. Meanwhile, domestic abuse calls, shootings, homicides, etc., are growing.

Public safety in Chicago is borderline non-existent. The same fate also comes to other cities that insist on abusing officers and treating them as expendable.

At the end of the day, when leaders in power embrace crime, it gives life to more criminal activity. When police departments are defunded and reduced in size, it provides lawbreakers the green light to know they can be a menace to others and likely get away with it.

Unfortunately, the situation in Chicago is improbable to get any better. Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot consistently shows she has no respect for the Chicago Police Department and not an iota of concern about rising crime in the city.