The Department of Education’s Upcoming Webinar is Catching Everyone’s Attention

Over the past couple of years, education has become a leading issue in politics. Various political slants on education have arrived as Democrats largely break from what was once viewed as normal across the board.

At some point, Democrats decided that parents shouldn’t have a say about what the schools are teaching to their kids. The left has even gone as far as claiming that communities themselves are the clients of public school systems, rather than children’s own parents.

Last year, divides over education grew when the Department of Justice decided that parents were “domestic terrorists” for verbally expressing concerns about classroom curriculums to school boards.

Now, an upcoming webinar from the US Department of Education has everyone talking, according to Twitchy.

Questionable at Best, Grooming at Worst

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 13, the Department of Education will host a webinar that focuses on “supporting” children in schools who believe themselves to be non-binary or transgender.

More information from the Education Department also reveals that “actionable strategies” for the struggles faced by non-binary and transgender students will be discussed during the webinar.

This new webinar comes as the Biden administration has come out in favor of minors taking hormones or undergoing therapies that will permanently alter their bodies, fertility, etc.

Not only this, but the White House has also gone on record and claimed that refusing to allow minors to make life-changing choices they can’t just fully comprehend could put their lives in danger.

In the wake of this upcoming webinar, many parents and other adults have warned the Department of Education is actually grooming young children, regardless of whether or not they choose to openly admit it.

Parental Rights in Education

Not only is the federal government pushing its newest webinar, but it’s also come out against Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education.

Despite the left calling this “Don’t Say Gay,” the law simply says that children in third grade and below aren’t going to be instructed on issues about gender identity and orientation. Many people see this as reasonable, given that young children aren’t yet capable of understanding these matters.

With the Department of Education making transgenderism for kids the centerfold of its new webinar, this is sure to only increase support for Florida’s new law. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be shocking if new versions of the measure start to materialize in other states.

Quite frankly, Democrats’ widespread opposition against this commonsense law should send up red flags everywhere.