The Department of Homeland Security Slammed For Conflicting Messaging

Problems at the US-Mexico border have remained ongoing throughout Joe Biden’s time in office. When Biden first came into the White House, he got right to work on rolling back the effective border policies put in place by former President Donald Trump.

Since then, there have been record increases in migrants coming across the border. The only thing that’s preventing even higher surges than what we’ve seen so far is Title 42.

This measure allows for migrants to be promptly expelled from the border upon arrival. Without Title 42, estimates warn that America could see tens of thousands of new migrants per day.

Democrats and the federal government are repeatedly criticized for the current dysfunction at the border. Because of this, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tried to do some damage control. Although, this didn’t turn out so well.

Bad Talking Points From DHS
On Tuesday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas released a video concerning the current state of the southern border. According to Mayorkas, America is still enforcing immigration laws that haven’t changed at all.

Mayorkas also went on to claim the United States’ borders aren’t open before declaring that people who arrive at the border can be restricted or expelled altogether.

Unfortunately, this rhetoric from Mayorkas doesn’t align with what’s truly happening. For starters, more than 117,000 migrants who were taken into custody in April have since been released.

On top of this, the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy is being largely unenforced by the federal government at this time.

Also, in April, more than 234,000 migrants who unlawfully entered the U.S. were later put into the country’s immigration system. This doesn’t at all fit with Mayorkas’ claims that U.S. officials are upholding border laws and making expulsions accordingly.

A Bad Spot For Mayorkas
Since the release of Mayorkas’ statements about immigration laws and the status of the U.S. border, he’s been largely criticized for being untruthful.

Republican governors, members of Congress, and others on Twitter responded to DHS with facts and numbers that explain what’s really happening at the border.

With all the problems occurring at the southern border, Mayorkas has been facing calls for his impeachment. It is the view of many conservatives that if the DHS secretary cannot or will not do the job he’s in charge of, then he should be removed altogether.

To this day, there are no indications that what’s happening at the southern border will be improved. In fact, the only reason the situation isn’t worse is that a judge sided with Republicans in upholding Title 42.